Well as my grandson came by the radio station to visit, Rock-108 on-air personality Frank Pain gave the 4 year old ball of energy a brand new transformer Frank had left over in his stations prize vault. That is when the "FUN" / "Frustration" began.

Have you ever tried to fold up a brand new map and get it back to, it's like new status, or re-spool an extension cord like it was when you bought it? Well, these new kids toy "Transformers" are far more difficult than re-folding a map blindfolded. Frank Pain worked on it for about 10-20 minutes before he folded the instructions and then handed my grandson the Transformer and the instructions to then and advised him to have grandpa help him with it when he got home. I've worked on it for about 30 minutes before i gave up. The 4 year old had it for FIVE MINUTES and he had all figured out. NUFF SAID! Either you need to have a PhD in engineering or be a 4 year old kid to understand the mechanics of a Transformer.