Michael Bay's 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' won this weekend at the box office, and is the first film in 2014 to cross the hundred million dollar mark over its opening weekend. And now, as is often the case, Paramount has teased their limited edition Blu-ray for the film, which has a collectable that recreates one of the film's best images: Optimus Prime riding a dinobot!

Though the film jumping the nine-digit hurdle comes with a caveat (the film started playing in theaters on Thursday evening, and that business is now being counted as part of the film's Friday gross), it makes it the second best opening of the franchise, which  means the film should make more than $300 million domestically. That said, the way box office has been going this year we wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't cross that high water mark, but the film has exploded internationally and is likely to be the first film of the year to make a billion dollars worldwide. Regardless, the Blu-ray set will likely be a no-brainer purchase for fans of the franchise, and here's the art for it.

Transformers 4 Blu-ray Set

The set doesn't have any listed special features (nor a release date), and if it follows the trend of the last couple Michael Bay movies, it's possible this is a movie-only release, with a deluxe special edition to arrive later. This seems likely considering that the set is listed as a two disc edition, with the second disc the film on DVD (a digital copy is also included). Considering home video usually has a three month window, it's best guessed that this will be released in early October. The set can be purchased here.

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