As country fans and artists alike hunker down and stay home in order to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Trace Adkins' new song, "Better Off," is a particularly timely message about the perks of staying in.

"Everybody's goin' out tonight, but I got something else on my mind / A long list of reasons why we're better off stayin' in," he sings in the sultry song's first verse. "I've been missing you all week, a little one-on-one is what I need / A little me-and-you party..."

Adkins' new tune was written by Nashville songwriting heavyweights Hillary Lindsey, Corey Crowder and Liz Rose. In addition to sharing the song, the singer is debuting a performance music video that was actually filmed just hours before a tornado ripped through Nashville and Middle Tennessee just after midnight on March 3.

"I loved the venue. It's an old slaughterhouse in north Nashville that has been repurposed as a video and photo shoot location," Adkins tells CMT, who premiered the video. "The night shot from the top of the roof, looking back towards the Nashville skyline, was just beautiful...It's a bit surreal to think [the tornado] touched down a few hours later, just a few blocks from where we were."

The release of "Better Off" comes just days after Adkins announced his brand-new deal with Verge Records and a new musical chapter on the horizon.

"My desire to create and release new music is as strong now as when I first started," the singer commented when he announced the new partnership. "Better Off" is Adkins' first single in three years.

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