This week Wade Bowen, Pat Green and Stoney LaRue all look to relieve Sunny Sweeney of the No. 1 spot. Can one of them do it, or will Bad Girl Phase hang on to the top spot for a second week? Let’s find out.

10. Horseshoes and Hand Greneades -- John Slaughter 

9. Panhandle PoorboyKevin Fowler

8. Turn That Crown Upside Down -- Kyle Park 

7. ShotgunCameran Nelson

6. Hangin' Around -- Josh Abbott Band

5.  Bad Girl Phase -- Sunny Sweeney

4. You Can't Go Home -- Brian Keane

3. Golden Shackles Stoney LaRue

2. Girls from Texas -- Pat Green featuring Lyle Lovett  

1. When I Woke Up Today -- Wade Bowen  

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