That time of year is almost upon us. Ahhh, summertime. Schools are out and millions of Americans set out on summer vacations. There's a lot to consider before you take off. I know for me, a place to stay where I can actually enjoy my time away is important. Does it have a pool, a restaurant, maybe a nightclub? After all, it's vacation time. Let's have some fun.

What if you're not going anywhere but want a "staycation". Maybe that's just the ticket. There's nothing at all wrong with staying close to home and enjoying some amenities and pampering. But where in Abilene are the top hotels?

According to Trip Advisor, I've collected the 10 top hotels that Abilene has to offer.

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LOOK Abilene's Top Hotels, According To Trip Advisor

Abilene is an active place, there's always a lot going on. Hundreds of folks visit our city every day. Hopefully, with this "big 10" list, you'll have some choices not only if you decide to have a relaxing, staycation weekend or if you have family and friends visiting.

In any case, while you're in town, take advantage of some great shopping. Keep scrolling to see some fun antique stores in Abilene.

Fun Antique Shops in Abilene

Looking to add to your collection, or just browse through days gone by? Hit up some of these great antique shops in Abilene.

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