We all know Tom Hiddleston as Loki, but aside from the Avengers and Thor movies, but American audiences haven’t gotten to see much else from the actor. That’s about to change as Hiddleston has a showy role in the upcoming Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light. Musical biopics have traditionally been the road to awards and Oscar glory, but can the same be said for Hiddleston’s performance? The film doesn’t open until late November, but today we’ve got our first look, and listen, to the British actor singing country western.

Sony Pictures Classics decided to release a clip from the film before releasing a trailer, so we don’t have a sense as to how the movie will play out, but we do get a sense for how Hiddleston sounds as Williams. In this clip, we hear Hiddleston using his actual voice to sing “Move It On Over” and while we applaud the decision to use perform the song himself, it just doesn’t sound anything like Hank Williams (listen to the original and compare for yourself)

We had a similar issue with the Steve Jobs trailer earlier this summer, when everything else about the film looked great, but Fassbender didn’t look or sound anything like Steve Jobs. It’s not necessarily a problem (it may be a problem, we haven’t seen the movie yet), but it’s certainly distracting at first glance. Perhaps even more so here, as Hiddleston actually looks like Williams, but sounds almost nothing like him.

I Saw the Light may not necessarily need a perfect replication of Williams signature twang from Hiddleston, so long as the rest of the film delivers. Williams’ life — after years of back pain, alcoholism and drug abuse Williams died of heart failure at 29 — certainly has enough drama to carry a feature film.

Written and directed by Marc Abraham (normally a producer behind such films as The Last Exorcism and the RoboCop reboot), the film co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, David Krumholtz and Bradley Whitford.

I Saw the Light opens in theaters on November 27, Black Friday.

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