Camouflage nowadays comes in so many different patterns that it has me asking the proverbial question, can you mix different patterns

Say I want to wear the original "Woodlands Jungle Green" pants with the now super modern grey "Digi-Urban" camo. I mean camo is camo right? I think there ought to be a law if not just some limitations, for example do not ever, ever wear "Digi-camo" with say a, "Real-Bur-Oak-Tree-Acorn" camo. While I'm on the subject Why PINK camouflage? I've even seen day-glow-orange, lime-green and florescent blue...what up wit dat?

OK, enough with the rant. Now it's your turn as a Red Blooded County Music Loving Dyed in the Wool Texan that thinks a camouflage wedding dress is all that.  Should camo be made into Hospital scrubs, hospital gowns and last but just as important can it be worn to Church and/or Funerals?