The Philadelphia Phillies took home another win against the Houston Astros in Game 3 of the World Series on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and Tim McGraw was there at Philly's Citizens Bank Park to cheer on his dad's former team.

McGraw's father was Tug McGraw, the celebrated MLB pitcher who helped the Phillies win the 1980 World Series, ending the team's 77-year drought. On Tuesday night, the singer was caught on camera representing his father and energetically cheering on the Phillies as they forged ahead in Game 3 of the series.

In one video, McGraw appears on the Jumbotron sitting next to his daughter, Gracie. As his song "I Like It, I Love It" plays over the stadium speakers, he turns around to reveal he's wearing his dad's McGraw jersey, and the crowd goes wild.

Other social media posts revealed that Faith Hill and the country couple's two other daughters, Maggie and Audrey, were also in attendance at the game. In one video, Hill and their girls are seen standing behind McGraw's seating section while the country star continues to wave to the crowd and emphatically cheer on the team.

Last week, McGraw made it clear that he was supporting the Phillies by sharing a video of the moment his father struck out the last batter in the 1980 series, allowing the Phillies to take home the win against the Kansas City Royals. He captioned the video, "Let's go Phillies!"

Tug McGraw began his career with the New York Mets and coined the team catchphrase "Ya Gotta Believe!" He was traded to the Phillies in 1974. Tim McGraw did not grow up with his father in his life, but they formed a relationship in his teen years. Tug died of a brain tumor in 2004.

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