Curb Records has filed suit against Tim McGraw claiming breach-of-contract. From my friends on the inside this is the straw that broke the MGraw's back. Don't look for him to be back at the label where both parties made gold. Now expect Tim to kick himself to the proverbial (pardon the pun) curb! At least that's what I'm predicting, by what some close friends are saying "off the record" though. 

Tim McGraw Singing On Stage

Tim McGraw has made them a sizable income for nearly two decades. And yet the still disagree, it will have to be for the courts to decide.

This is the official statement from McGraw’s camp (via Tim's press spokesperson):

Sadly, after a twenty year relationship which has provided unprecedented success for both parties, Curb Records has chosen to end its accord with Tim McGraw by filing suit against him.

Tim McGraw delivered his new album, Emotional Traffic, to Curb in the fall of 2010. The label is holding the album hostage from country music fans in an attempt to force Tim McGraw to serve perpetually under a contract that he has already fully and faithfully completed. The only song Curb has released from the album, “Felt Good on My Lips,” was a multi-week #1 hit.

Although Curb has not released the album, Tim McGraw has decided to perform new songs from Emotional Traffic on his current tour because he feels it is one of his best ever.

Most importantly, Tim McGraw wants to thank his fans for their continued support in his efforts to release new and exciting music.