Thompson Square is the husband-and-wife duo of Keifer and Shawna Thompson. Recently the duo was nominated for a Country Music Award and this country couple decided to seek out some advice on how to get more media attention. The problem is who they sought out, Charlie Sheen. The video is obviously a spoof but it's fun nonetheless. Check it out.

Charlie Sheen is not really conversing with them but it makes for a funny attempt to get those of us voting to look their way as we're filling out our C.M.A. ballots. Thompson Square did a good job as I feel I'll be voting for them now, because the video inspired me to seek out more information on them, including the fact that they are the first country married couple to be nominated for this award in quite some time. Here's more on what I discovered on the duo.

They are said to be "an exciting and unpredictable couple where country meets rock, rough meets smooth and one vagabond heart finds a harmonious common ground with another. It’s the sweet destination where two journeys end and another one begins. It’s the place where they create  their own thing, a little fantasy-land where Thompson Square lives” says Keifer Thompson. I like this husband and wife duo and one last thing I learned about them, exactly one year before they got their record deal and performed on the C.M.A. awards show, both of them were waiting tables at a C.M.A. awards show dinner. I met them in Nashville and will admit "they are too cool."

As for asking Charlie Sheen anything, I think the country duo would be better off asking an Ouija board the numbers to the power ball lottery.