This week for #ThrowBackThursday let's take a look back at our Top 5 Radio Texas, LIVE! Performances of 2013. Because, they are still so good.

ORIGINALLY POSTED January 1, 2014.

So many great guests come visit the show in 2013 -- and many left us with superb live performances. As hard as it was, we've whittled down to these, all amazing, displays of talent to The Top 5 Radio Texas, LIVE! Performance of 2013. So let's get to it.

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    Cody Johnson "Dance Her Home"

    Cody stopped by to sing this gem for us early in 2013. The song went on to become the second single off his upcoming project "Cowboy Like Me." Evidence of it's greatness, this video had nearly 7,500 views before it was even released to radio as a single.

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    Green River Ordinance "Flying"

    These guys are just plain good. The pop-rock band that scored a couple Billboard Top 40 songs, have come home to Texas, and we welcome them with open arms.

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    Uncle Lucius "Remember Me"

    Every time Uncle Lucius stops by the show they leave us with another reason to believe the world is gonna be just fine. Pure and simple Kevin Galloway's voice is amazeballs.

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    Dirty River Boys "Down By the River"

    These guys are the most dynamic live show to come along in a while. What they do on-stage is unprecedented, and unexplainable. That is to mean, you've got to see it to understand it. 2014 will be the year of the Dirty River Boys.

  • 1

    Jon Wolfe "Singin' Thing"

    Without a doubt the most heartfelt and touching song sung live this year on the show. Good luck getting over how great this one is. No idea how many of the YouTube views on it are from me, but I'd venture around a hundred of 'em. Jon Wolfe is what country music is supposed to be.

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