For the record, I love comedian, actor, and country singer Rodney Carrington. I recall meeting Rodney at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville when Rodney signed with Mercury Polygram Records in the late 1990s. When he visited Abilene in 2014, I was given the honor of introducing him onstage. Rodney Carrington is returning to Abilene on January 19, 2024.

Carrington's first song "Letter To My Penis" made the Billboard charts. His song "Dancin' With A Man" was on the country Billboard charts for quite some time. However, Carrington's Christmas single "Camouflage and Christmas Lights" made it to the Top 30 Billboard charts.

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Photo by: Rodney Carrington Tour
Photo by: Rodney Carrington Tour

Carrington's comedy albums are fan favorites and have also found their way to the top of the Billboard charts. The comedian's career really took off when he had his own television sitcom on ABC titled "Rodney" that lasted two-and-a-half years.

Rodney Carrington is one hilarious comedian. I was completely blown away when I saw and heard Rodney reprise the old R&B classic "Shout". Check out the video below.

The video above is from the Toby Keith movie "Beer For My Horses", in which Carrington played a role. While I like Rodney Carrington's music and videos, I love to watch the man perform. His body language, dancing, and facial expressions are priceless and have me rolling on the floor for hours.

In my opinion, Carrington is one of the most hilarious entertainers of the century. To catch Carrington live, visit the Abilene Convention Center website and order your tickets here. I am positive he will sell out. The last video shows the funny facial expressions and body language I was referring to earlier [again, NSFW].

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