My morning show partner Pete Beretta has taught me that firefighters are serious about their work. The only joking or funny stuff that a firefighter might do is called "pranking one another." When I run across a silly video that shines a humorous light on them or their line of work I want to share it with the world. I know how dangerous firefighting is and all the pressures that accompany it. Never mind that inside a firehouse there is a ton of testosterone flowing and competition is always on a Def-com 5 level. That said, what would happen if firefighters came across a big cannabis-hemp fire and accidentally inhaled the smoke? This one firefighter is funny and had me in stitches


Firefighter Ross Fighting fire

The more I hit replay on this video the harder I laughed, so I called Pete to share the video with him. He said he'd seen it quite some time ago, and Pete didn't seem to impressed with the video. So that put me on a mission, searching for more "firefighter funny" videos. And to my surprise I discovered one that had me rolling on the floor for hours. Look at the Burbank California firefighters faces in the background and how they react their firehouse guest.

While firefighting is a very serious business and when it comes to how firefighters interact with the public is serious and sincere, it's the pranks they pull on one another that makes them laugh. Like the time several of Pete's firehouse buddies asked an elderly-lady friend to approach Pete at a supermarket and ask him, "are you that TV weather guy?" when Pete replied "why yes I am the TV weather guy" (he was thinking she was a fan, right?) she blurted out "I can't stand you, you're horrible!" Pete was always ribbed by his firehouse buddies about the little old lady in the supermarket. Never once did he suspect his pals putting her up to it. Not until I was let in on the secret and I couldn't let it go any further. Pete start yelling "I knew it! I knew it! I'm gonna kill those guys!" Letting Pete in on the gag was even funnier. Today Pete and I joke and prank one another on a daily basis. We've got a great fire-crew here in Abilene & the Big Country we are very fortunate to have the volunteers we have too. I hope that when you see one of your local firefighters you'll thank them for their service.





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