While Director Baz Luhrmann is busy wrapping up work on 'The Great Gatsby,' which is now set for a May 2013 release, it looks like he's already found a way to keep himself busy in between future movie projects that'll satisfy everybody. The man, who's also responsible for such works as 'Moulin Rouge' and 'Romeo + Juliet,' will be entering the TV realm, so now all his fans will get to see even more of his work.

Luhrmann signed a deal with Sony Pictures TV to become a creative director of sorts and to develop works for both broadcast and cable. But he also has a few TV ideas of his own, so let's hope a Luhrmann-created series is on its way in the near future.

"I make films very infrequently and yet I have so many ideas and stories to explore," he told Deadline. "Television at the moment has such great freedom, giving writers the ability to explore any idea and to have maximum amount of freedom to do that... The idea that I can be creative in between films is energizing and exiting."

What drew him to making the deal with Sony, which is already working with him on movie projects, was the seemingly limitless ideas for a TV concept (meaning long-running, scripted, unscripted, broadcast, etc. are all up for consideration). Also, the possibility of his projects appearing on just about any network was a definite plus.