The Charlie Daniels Band have a new video for 'Tangled Up In Blue', a song featured on 'Off The Grid - Doin' It Dylan', the CDB tribute album to one of the most iconic songwriters in American music - Bob Dylan.

The original Dylan recording of the song was done in 1975, and the Daniels version definitely carries the essence. The new rendition is a little more up tempo and the signature Bob Dylan harmonica has been replaced with Charlie Daniels' signature fiddle. You'll also find some slick piano at the tail end of the new rendition.

The actual video is loaded with video from studio recordings of the song mixed in with classic CDB performance footage. It also includes a very pretty young lady having a fine time dancing with friends at a concert. If you're paying close attention, you might also catch a silhouette of Bob Dylan making an appearance. Check out the video here:

The Charlie Daniels Band - 'Tangled Up In Blue'

I love Dylan, and I love Charlie Daniels' music. This song is a wonderfully updated, country-fied version of a classic song, and I truly appreciate how Daniels lets Bob Dylan bleed through in his vocal style, while still making the song his own. Charlie's still got it!