Is it just me, or does it seem like everybody's always talking in code of some kind when you get a text anymore? I'm referring to acronyms. Now I understand a lot of the acronyms: LOL, OMG, IDK, WTF. Okay, that last one I will leave out of the discussion.

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When it comes to acronyms there are literally hundreds of them. I learned about them when I was a young boy in elementary school. My dad was in the military and I heard lots of young military men utter things like SNAFU, TARFU, FUBAR.

Below are some Texas-based acronyms. While you might think we're crazier than AGO, those of us that are TB would like to teach the rest of the world EAAT that we Texans are SAAW.

AHNC - All Hat No Cattle - That boy ain't got nothin', he's all hat no cattle

AGO - All Git Out - He was madder than all git out!

EAAT -  Ev'thang And All That - He thinks he's everything and all that

YEY - Y'all Eat Yet -  Y'all eat yet?

SASA - Shake A Stick At - They had more skeeters than you could shake a stick at

AGU - All Gussied Up - He's tryin' to impress so he got all gussied up

TB - Texas Born - Her folks are Yankees but she's for real TB

BAAB - Big As A Brahman - When his wife got pregnant, he turned as big as a Brahman

BAD - Big As Dallas - Her little boy grew up to be big as Dallas

ITC - In Tall Cotton - Yep, my wife's family is living in tall cotton

ASU - All Stove Up -  He ain't feeling too well; he's all stove up.

SAAW - Smart As A Whip - That boy is as smart as a whip.

FAS - Fat And Sassy - Since they got hitched, she's fat and sassy.

TLT - Two Left Turns - He ain't wanted here, he better make two left turns

MTWH - Madder Than a Wet Hen - Boy oh boy, grandma was madder than a wet hen!

PYUBS - Pull Yourself Up by Your Bootstraps - Time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps!

SFCH - Sic'em From Come Here - That fella ain't got a clue; he don't know SFCH.

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The following acronyms are some of those that are very common amongst social media, texting, emails, and the computer world.

1. LOL -  Laughing Out Loud

2. OMG - Oh My Gosh

3. IDK - I Don’t Know

4. JK - Just Kidding

5. ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing

6. YOLO - You Only Live Once

7. HMU - Hit Me Up

8. BC - BeCause

9. TY - Thank You

10. NP - No Problem

11. YW - You're Welcome

12. BTW - By The Way

13. NBD - No Big Deal

14. LMK - Let Me Know

15. ILY - I Love You

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