Sleeping Man Wakes Up With Bottle Rocket In Crotch
Good friends will do anything for you. Unfortunately, they'll also do anything to you, as the guy who is sleeping in this video finds out.
Dude is just sleeping peacefully until his 'good friend' finds him. Mr. Friend then seizes the bottle rocket next to the crotch of our hero and lig…
Man Rides a White Rhino [VIDEO]
I believe this video is a practice video for the "Darwin Awards". This video is of a young man jumping on the back of, and riding a captured white rhino. The two men are sneaking into where ever this rhino is being kept and then after their feat is accomplished the dumb and dumber …
Man Survives 61 Days in Snowed-In Car
The world is filled with terrible news, so it’s nice for us to find a story with a happy ending once in awhile.  Not that type of happy ending. Pervert. Here is an amazing story about a Swedish man who was stranded in a snow drift for 61 days.