Smoking While Hunting
Once and for all the myth of 'smoking while deer hunting' is finally put to rest. In this video, a bow hunter goes the extra mile to disprove the old myth.
Car Deer Accident
DFW traffic is scary enough for those who don't drive it normally. So, when a car hits a deer and the deer ends up in the back seat and the driver is not hurt. That's amazing, watch the video now.
Dying Deer Rescue
Around West Texas, good ole boys are always helping someone or some thing. These two good Samaritans were helping a dying deer that got tangled up in a fence. It's what happens next that's amazing.
Motorcyclist Hits a Deer
The new 'HD action cameras' are all the rage now days, however motorcycle riders have been mounting their action cameras on their helmets. Most riders enjoy catching the sights and sounds of a group ride or a larger motorcycle rally. This one motorcyclist caught a little more than he was expecting.
Deer With Rabies
Here's What a rabid baby deer looks and acts like. The police were called and they quickly confirmed what many were thinking, "this fawn has rabies". Officers secured the area and euthanize the deer quickly. So, was the deer actually rabid?
10 Point Buck Freed
I was holding my breath as I watched these three former high school friends work together to save a 10 point buck from a sinkhole it had fallen into. The three college aged friends were home for a 'Homecoming' game when they noticed a deer in distress. Watch as the boys shined their pick-up truck lights onto the sinkhole then use a rope and their bare hands to lift the deer out.
Deer Car Collisions
State Farm Insurance has released their latest findings on which states have the highest risk of deer-car collisions. The list is compiled from the data of past accidents in each state. Where did Texas rank, check it out.
Dog and a Deer
Kate is a very loving female Great Dane that never had babies of her own, but that didn't stop her from adopting an orphaned whitetail deer. Watch how Kate and Pip have grown together over the years and are now inseparable.
Deer Commits Suicide
In what I think is a case of the absurd, this whitetail buck comes running out of nowhere and never hesitates to leap over a bridge guard rail to it's death. Before you watch the video beware it's graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

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