What is up with those guys that wear a cowboy hat that is shaped like a-big-ole-taco?

I mean have they looked at themselves in the mirror lately? In addition, do not let me catch one of them taco hat wearing guys complaining about that kid that just walked in with his britches around his knees. OK enough of the ranting. I was flying back from Memphis when these college kids (three of them) get in the plane with these "sombrero's gone wild" on their noggins tried like crazy to sit down in their seats with their "COW BOY HATS" ON! It was a no go and the flight attendant had to tell them that their modified palm shade tree had to be stored in the overhead compartment. Thank goodness they weren't in church. By the way (cause I asked)...they were on their way back from a Mexican vacation and they slept all the way...PARTY ANIMALS! I remember and old, old western cowboy actor named Hoot Gibson that used to wear hats like that.

Now you tell me are cowboy hats getting bigger or are our heads getting smaller?