Glenn Close did what? Surprise facial hair on who? Here are some memorable moments from tonight's Golden Globes broadcast.

Adele's Best Song triumph for 'Skyfall' warmed every heart in the room...

...Except for Taylor Swift's.

Adele's pal Daniel Craig, however, has got her back.

Former President Bill Clinton pulled a surprise appearance to present 'Lincoln.'

In the spirit of the Great Emancipator, Tina Fey went for a more robust image for her role in the (fake) movie 'Dog President.'

But she'll never be as manly or effortlessly cool as Peter Dinklage:

Taylor Swift, quit trying to horn in on everyone else's spotlight!

Best of all, Glenn Close countered rumors of her public intoxication with this little dramatic re-enactment:

And, finally, Grumpy Cat was a surprise attendee:

What was your favorite Golden Globes moment?