If you’re a Walmart shopper because you’re cost-conscious, it may be time to switch your allegiances — turns out Target is now cheaper, and the pricing gap between the two mega-stores is the widest it’s been in two years.

After the cost of 150 common items at stores within close proximity of each other were analyzed by Bloomberg Industries, the total bill at Target was less, due in large part to cheaper food prices.

Walmart’s grocery advantage was only 1.35 percentage points, down from 4.5 percentage points in July, and Target’s lower food prices may have been tied to back-to-school shopping promotions.

Overall, for every $100, Target was 46 cents less expensive.

“Consistent with our long-time practice, Target regularly shops competitors to ensure we are at price parity on like and identical items in local markets,” said Amy Reilly, a Target spokeswoman.

But Walmart doesn’t seem too worried. “Anytime there’s an environment with high-low retailers, pricing surveys will reflect some differences,” said Walmart spokesman Galberth Barnett.

“Walmart is delivering everyday low prices — not pricing gimmicks — every day, 365 days per year, not just during a single week or during a particular season,” he added. “Our customers don’t have to wait for a sale or look for an ad.”

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