Stranger Things may have moved from the Upside Down to whatever nightmare-scape populates Season 2, but leave it to Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards to combine two of the biggest sunken places of recent memory. Get Out meets Stranger Things in a new star-studded parody from the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards, and no tree is safe.

Workaholics alum Adam Devine took the MTV Awards monologue to discuss the popularity of Jordan Peele’s Get Out with star (and Girls alum) Allison Williams, in the process combining the famed “sunken place” with the “Upside Down” of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Despite the real cast’s audience presence, the sketch instead featured Jillian Bell as Barb, Aubrey Plaza as Eleven, and Hannibal Buress and Anders Holm in the role of Devine’s rescuers.

MTV gave strong tribute to Stranger Things regardless, as star Millie Bobby Brown won “Best Actor in a Show,” while the Netflix series itself won “Best Show.”

In the meantime, Stranger Things 2 will premiere in October 2017, so stay tuned for the latest on Eleven’s official return, and check out our full list of Sunday’s MTV winners.

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