Texans, unite! Stoney LaRue's forthcoming new album features a duet with Tanya Tucker, and The Boot's readers are getting to hear the song first. Press play below to listen to "Meet in the Middle."

Upbeat and blues-tinged, "Meet in the Middle" finds LaRue and Tucker portraying two people in a relationship, reflecting on the compromise needed to keep moving forward together. The two trade lines over a steady beat and strong harmonica, then harmonize on the chorus line, "We got to meet in the middle if we're gonna go all the way."

"This song is an insight into duality of relationships and the yin and yang of maintaining one," LaRue tells The Boot. "To have Tanya sing is beyond an honor, and she seemed perfect for the part."

A Taft, Texas, native raised in Oklahoma's Buffalo Valley area, LaRue has been making music for nearly 20 years. His latest project, Onward, is his first since 2015's Us Time, and finds the singer-songwriter looking both ahead and inside himself.

"You want to test your bones and see where they break," LaRue reflects. "This record is wading through all the mud and storms to hopefully come out on the other side with a wisdom that you didn't have before. It's a brighter way to look at things."

Onward, produced by Gary Nicholsonfeatures 10 songs, including the Texas country chart hit "Hill Country Boogaloo," the album's lead single. The record also includes Merle Haggard's "Let's Chase Each Other Around the Room," a cover LaRue recorded for his grandparents (it's their favorite song).

Onward is due out on Nov. 1. Visit StoneyLaRue.com to learn more.

Listen to Stoney LaRue and Tanya Tucker's "Meet in the Middle"

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