Steve Moakler is officially a dad! The Born Ready singer and his wife Gracie recently welcomed their first child, Moakler shared on Instagram on Saturday (Jan. 5).

The Moaklers' first baby is a boy, named Jackson Thomas Moakler. "His buddies call him Jack," Moakler shares on Instagram.

"Words cannot describe how blown away we are to be his parents!!" Moakler adds. "He and his momma are happy and healthy, and his dad is over the moon."

The Moaklers originally shared the good news that they were expecting in July of 2018. When he first announced the pregnancy, Moakler had more dad jokes than details to share ("It's gonna be bumpin'" he captioned an Instagram post) about the upcoming addition to his family.

Shortly after sharing the news, Moakler and his wife headed out on their Hometowns & Campgrounds Tour, a grassroots national run during which the singer mapped out a string of dates and performed in backyards and small venues, traveling from town to town in an Airstream. The tour is something a tradition for the Moaklers, who began the near-annual summer trek as "broke newlyweds."

In June of 2018, Moakler released his fifth studio album, Born Ready. According to the singer-songwriter, the collection of songs details the ups and downs of life on the road, including the excitement of a wide-open freeway as well as the importance of having someone to come back home to, as well as a meditation on coming of age in one track, "Thirty."

During his Born Ready Tour in April of that year, the album's theme of the challenges of road life took a turn for the literal when Moakler was involved in a van accident on his way to a show in Asheville, N.C. Thankfully, everyone on board emerged from the crash unscathed, and despite the loss of his Mercedes Sprinter, Moakler says that the experience provided him a new perspective on gratitude and priority going into the next stage of his life -- a stage that, now, includes fatherhood.

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