If ever conservative madmen escaped into the real world, Stephen Colbert would be judge. The Late Show host’s not-quite Colbert Report alter-ego returned to have the final “Werd” on Barack Obama’s presidency, the full clip of which you can watch right now.

Naturally, both Colberts make a good show of reminding both lawyers and audience that “Stephen Colbert” is not the same “Stephen Colbert” as the one Stephen Colbert played on The Colbert Report for ten years. Rather, this “Stephen Colbert” is an identical cousin, whose birthmark matches a very different Olsen twin. Keep it straight, people!

In either case, Colbert’s return also brings with it the off-brand “Werd,” allowing him to get in a few last pointed jabs at Obama’s time in office. Don’t be fooled into thinking the ultra-conservative host supports the next president, however, as the clip takes a surprisingly heartfelt turn.

There’s no telling when we might see the other Stephen Colbert again (what’s left to satirize, right?), so watch the full clip above, and godspeed.

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