Ever heard the expression "that and a dime will get you a cup of coffee"? Well, not that long ago a cup of coffee did cost a dime. (And you can still get a cup for well less than a dollar in many places.)

Of course, Starbucks began blowing the lid off the coffee price structure about 15 years ago. Now the average latte at the ubiquitous chain costs around four bucks. And if java lovers want a Grande-sized cup of Starbucks' newest coffee, Costa Rica Finca Palmilera, they will have to shell out $7.

The flavor is part of Starbucks' premium "reserve" line. What makes Finca Palmilera so expensive is it is made with rare Geisha beans, which are known for their fruity aroma.

"We have loyal Reserve customers who are interested in any opportunity to try something as rare and exquisite as the Geisha varietal," a Starbucks' spokesperson explained.

The chain is also offering the beans online in half-pound bags for $40. They sold out in less than 24 hours, suggesting the Costa Rica Finca Palmilera Grande will be a hit, even at the price of a full meal at Arby's.

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