13-year-old trumpeter Bryce Hayashi got a nice surprise when he and flugelhorn player Michael Miller played an impromptu tribute to John WilliamsStar Wars theme on the lawn of the master composer’s house: Williams himself was home and came out to shake their hands and salute them on their fine playing.

“Fantastic!” Williams says of their 2-man arrangement of his Star Wars theme.

Now we do not advocate finding John Williams’ house and playing loud horn music in his front yard at all hours. (And kudos to Mr. Williams for having the grace and hospitality to come out and greet them and thank them and not scream “GET OFF MY LAWN!”) But if you are going to find John Williams’ house and play loud horn music in his front yard, at least be as well-prepared and on point as these two were.

Also, how about a deeper cut next time? We love the Star Wars theme, but how about a little love for, like, the Presumed Innocent theme? I imagine Williams sitting in his salon, enjoying a cup of tea and a copy of the Wall Street Journal, going “Hm, what’s that I hear on the wind? Is that my score for Heartbeeps? Why, it is!”

Also, is anyone else surprised John Williams’ house is just, like, in a neighborhood? I imagine him having a secluded villa on an island or the Fortress of Solitude or something. John Williams is much cooler and more chill than I gave him credit for.

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