Zachary Quinto, who is best known for playing Spock in the ‘Star Trek’ reboot, has officially come out of the closet. While Quinto’s sexuality had been the source of speculation in the past, the 34-year-old had declined to confirm his orientation publicly until now.

During an interview with New York Magazine, which hit the web Sunday, Quinto twice describes himself as “a gay man.” In reference to his eight-month role in a restaging of ‘Angels in America,’ Quinto said, “as a gay man, it made me feel like there’s still so much work to be done, and there’s still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed.”

Also on Sunday, Quinto posted a message on his blog, in which he explained that his decision to come out was related to the recent death of Jamey Rodemeyer, a gay 14-year-old who took his own life after being bullied by classmates because of his sexuality.

Quinto wrote:

In light of Jamey’s death – it became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it – is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.

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