If Flashback and Texas Chute Out are one of your favorite rides, you might want to get out to Six Flags before Labor Day before they close them forever.

Six Flags announced that they will be closing the two rides after several years in service.  Honestly, this doesn’t really surprise me much because the last few years I’ve gone to Six Flags, I haven’t seen that many people wanting to ride them.  Heck, I haven’t ridden either one of those rides in years and I’ve been going pretty much every year since I was a little kid. There’s just too many other rides that are way better now.

Texas Chute Out has been around since 1976 making it one of the oldest rides in the park.  Even as a kid, I never really got into this ride because I always thought it was a little cheesy.  Plus, I wasn’t a fan of heights as this ride is 225 foot tall, making it one of the tallest at the park.  According to Six Flags, Texas Chute Out has given rides to over 29 million people.

Flashback has been around since 1989, giving over 17 million rides in 23 years.  This ride was one of the reasons I loved Six Flags.  I would jump right back in line after riding and pretty much forget about all the other rides.  The ride blasts you through 3 loops at 55mph, then does it backwards.  It was a cool ride, but now with Batman, Mr Freeze and others around, it’s just not as fun as it used to be.

Your last chance to hop on one of these longtime rides is September 3rd.  Right now, there is no word on what rides will replace them if any.

So, will you miss either one of these rides or do you think it’s a good idea that they get rid of them?  What is your favorite ride at Six Flags?

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