There's just two days left to make your picks for this year's NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament. I love this time of year but it's also very stressful for me. I have a tendency to sit in front of the TV yelling and that's just not good. I made my first round picks yesterday and now have to narrow it down to my sweet sixteen, final 4 and finally my Champion! See, I'm already stressing now.

I realize this isn't life or death but it is my favorite sport and I want my teams to do well; but most of all I want Duke Blue Devils to win. My stomach is in knots every time they play. I don't care who they play, might even be another team I really like, I am going to always cheer for the Blue Devils. If I were a student I would definitely be one of the "Cameron Crazies".

So why is college basketball my favorite sport, Duke my favorite team and Coach K my favorite coach? Here's why.

I love basketball,(The Hoosiers is my favorite movie),  I understand the game, it's fast paced, you don't get bored, and in college it's about winning. In pro sports they get paid millions no matter if they win or lose, to me there just isn't a passion there like in college basketball. Especially at tournament time!

I fell in love with Duke basketball when I was in high school. That was the days of Danny Ferry, Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley,and Christian Laettner. These guys put their heart and sole on the floor every time theyplayed. They were great athletes on the floor, as a team and they were just as great off the floor too. They were smart and funny and you just couldn't help but like them.

As for Mike Krzyzewski, you see why they simply call him Coach K, he is someone I would want coaching my child. He puts grades and school first, because he knows for most of these guys that education is what's going to earn them a living not the basketball. Very few ever make it professionally, although Duke has had many go on to the pros, it's that 'fall back plan' that they need to have. Coach K may yell from the sidelines but he's never been one to throw fits, or chairs for that matter, and I've never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. He's complimentary of other teams and players too.

I participate in our office bracket competition and although I don't always win, I always pick Duke to take it all: NO MATTER WHAT!