At the age of 17, Scotty McCreery became the youngest male contestant to win American Idol, during the show's 10th season, but he was even younger when he first showed his musical promise ... at the ripe old age of one.

One of the first tell-tale signs of McCreery's future career occurred at the pediatrician's office. At his one-year check-up, McCreery's mom Judy told the doctor, "Look! This baby will sing to you!" To demonstrate, she hummed the nursery rhyme "Bye Baby Bunting" to her young son -- and to the doctor's surprise, he hummed it back.

"It was a pretty cool thing," recalls McCreery. "I’ve been singing my whole life. I sang in church and children’s choir too."

From there, McCreery's musical aspirations continued to rise. When he rode the school bus to Timber Drive Elementary School, McCreery put on concerts in the back of the bus -- and if his voice was half as good as it is now, his fellow bus riders certainly got a great show.

"He started singing Elvis on the back of the bus," longtime friend Brett Bailey says. "It was almost like a mini Elvis concert on the back of the school bus."

While his voice is certainly a show stopper, McCreery is also pretty skilled at the guitar. He began taking guitar lessons at the age of nine and showed promise with his natural rhythm, which has always come relatively easily to him -- proving that true talent knows no age limit.

Check out the video above -- the latest in Taste of Country's You Think You Know Countryvideo series -- to learn more about the "See You Tonight" hitmaker and see lots of adorable photos and video footage from his younger years.

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