After Demi Moore landed in the hospital last week due to “exhaustion” and decided to take some time off, she dropped out of her role as Gloria Steinem in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic, ‘Lovelace.’

Filling her shoes? Sarah Jessica Parker. Or should that be “filling her Manolo Blahniks”?

The ‘Sex and the City’ star was tapped by the movie’s producers to tackle the role of Steinem, the iconic feminist who railed against adult films after the release of Lovelace’s legendary 1972 flick ‘Deep Throat.’ She’ll appear alongside Amanda Seyfried, who has the title role in the upcoming biography, and Peter Skarsgaard, who plays Lovelace’s allegedly abusive husband Peter Traynor.

There’s a Mr. Big joke in here somewhere, but we’ll let you hash that one out in the comments.

[via Deadline]