Duck Dynasty star and fiction writer Sadie Robertson has an exciting announcement to share: Her book, Life Just Got Real, is going to be adapted into a scripted television series.

Deadline reports that Robertson signed a deal with film producer Brad Krevoy, who is known for his work on productions like Dumb and Dumber and The Princess Switch.

According to IMDB, the television adaption of Life Just Got Real will follow two teenaged girls as they join the cast of a reality television show, where they quickly learn that "life is messy, love is hard and second chances are not an everyday thing."

In addition to signing on as a producer, Robertson will make onscreen guest appearances in the show.

“I am so excited to jump into the world of scripted television, and to be doing it with Brad [Krevoy] who has been producing positive, inspirational entertainment for years," she says, per Deadline. "My hope is that this would be an encouraging show for people to watch together that has an inspirational message woven within."

On social media, Robertson reiterates how excited she is to see her book come to life.

"As always, ALL glory to God and I pray God would use this show as another way to encourage people in their everyday life and bring family and friends together," she adds.

Robertson's newest professional venture comes at an exciting time in her personal life. She and her husband, Christian Huff, are days away from welcoming their first child, a daughter. In late April 2021, the couple shared their baby girl's name — Honey James Huff — ahead of her birth.

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