This past weekend I hit the road again, but this time I was in search of breakfast fare. It's awesome that the Lone Star State has so many different kinds of barbeque restaurants, steak houses and just in general cafe's. What I was wanting was something that taunts my taste buds and I only have it when I'm in cow-town. If you are in or near Fort Worth and looking for breakfast the Ol' South Pancake House is my favorite place to go.

I just love the Ol' South Pancake House and their "German style pancakes" they really aren't pancakes by today's standards they're more like a crepe. They add a half cup of butter, powdered sugar and two fresh squeezed lemons, the flavor will send you out of this world. The Lemon flavor doesn't overpower, it just compliments the crepes and I swear once you've had them you will crave them for the rest of your life.

Okay enough about the German pancakes, it's one of the oldest pancake houses in the south. The Benson & Brozgold family have owned and operated Ol' South for over 50 years now and I recall eating here when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Located on University Blvd. just down the road from Texas Christian University. I'm drawn to the Ol' South House like a moth to a flame. Once you've have those German style cakes you'll spend days thinking of them as if they were a long lost lover. I hope you get to try them and as they say in France "bon appétit Y'all!"


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