I thought I had invented something really awesome when I got into a heated discussion with my wife over our favorite foods. First off she's always asking "what do you want for supper tonight?" and when I tell her "how about hotdogs" she gets all bent out of shape saying "you are going to turn into a hotdog one day."

However, when I ask her the same question, "okay then, what do you want for dinner?" she replies with "how about Mexican food or a pizza?" So, I came up with, what I thought was a brilliant idea. How about a hot-pizza-dog? I'll combine the two, then we will both be happy and it will put an end to our disagreements of what's for dinner.

At last I came up with a new product that I've never heard of before. I can mass produce them and they'll be a huge hit, I'll make millions. I'm taking two of America's favorite foods and and putting them on one platform. I began researching and here's what I discovered.

Someone else had already thought of that and from what I've learned it was not even discovered in the good ole United States of America, it was started in Naples Italy, go figure.

Nonetheless, I decided to go forward with my idea and see what it would look and taste like. I contacted my friend Shane Potter who owns Potter's Pizza Restaurant and asked if he would help me put together this awesome combination of America's two favorite foods (which by the way, he had never heard of it before either). In the above video, I share with you how to make my "Hot Pizza Dog." The two videos below elude to what I was talking about earlier. Happy eating America!

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