Meet Jyn, the latest in a long line of Star Wars heroes. She’s the star of Rogue One, the first Star Wars spinoff (A Star Wars Story, to be precise) and one of a new era of strong, powerful Star Wars characters. She also happens to be a woman. That last fact has some Star Wars fans upset this morning.

While the majority of the internet reacted with a collective wow, that was a fantastic trailer, barely even registering that the hero was a woman, there were some in the deep, dark recesses of the web that reacted with anger. A brief sampling of the butthurt:


“EVERY possible story”! Except for, you know, almost all of them.

One of those commenters above even posted a series of follow-up tweets shouting, “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT STAR WARS MOVIES” to anyone who questioned why he was disappointed that the lead in a Star Wars movie is a woman.

As is par for the course when criticizing an actress, the comments quickly went towards Felicity Jones’ looks with many calling her “anorexic” and others seemingly upset she’s so beautiful. There were also a lot of complaints that this movie looks too much like The Hunger Games, which is curious, because as far as I can tell the only thing this movie shares with The Hunger Games is that is has a young, female lead and is a movie.

Oh, how hard it must for a male movie fan, when only over 80% of lead roles in the IMDb’s Top 250 movies of 2015 are men. End of days!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on December 16.

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