The remake nobody wanted is getting a mobile game tie-in. Robocop: The Official Game is coming to mobile via Glu Mobile.

The free-to-play shooter will be out on iOS and Android in the coming months. Most likely, you'll see the game arrive around the same time as the actual film. As you can see from the very brief gameplay trailer above, Robocop will be a cover-based shooter that sees the former Alex Murphy take on bad guys in all manner of cover-filled locales like factories and warehouses. You'll even get to battle the revamped ED-209, too, by the look of it.

There's an upgrade system in place, and you can see even though the game is in third-person, Robocop's upgraded optics will spot out enemies hidden behind cover. It actually doesn't look bad at all, but right now we're having trouble separating it from the terrible-looking remake. Hopefully there'll be a classic Robocop skin to unlock so it makes us feel less awful for playing it.

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