If you’ve always wanted to go indoor sky diving, have breakfast at Randy’s Donuts, and take a helicopter tour around L.A. with Robert Downey Jr. then you have pretty eclectic taste in activities. Nonetheless, that is exactly what you could do with RDJr. if you win his new charity contest through Omaze. As detailed in the video above, the grand-prize winner gets a trip to Hollywood to attend the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron and walk the red carpet with Downey (and, y’know, the rest of the Avengers cast). Plus, Downey will put you up in a fancy hotel and join you for all those other swanky activities. Just think of all the questions you could ask him about future Marvel movies or the making of ‘Two Girls and a Guy’!

$10 gets you 100 entries; the more you donate, the more entries you get, along with rewards like concept art, T-shirts, signed Iron Man helmets, and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ set visits (you’ll need to be as rich as Tony Stark to afford that last one). All the proceeds go to Julia’s House, a children’s hospice charity, so even if you don’t win, your money’s going to a good cause. All the details are here. And, no, we don’t think this is Downey’s big “announcement” he teased last week; that should be coming on Thursday.

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