These days, when Riley Green goes home and visits family, he gets a welcome break from talking shop -- simply because his parents are so unfazed by celebrity and his success in the music business.

"When I signed my record deal with Big Machine, I went home and told my mom, and she was cooking supper," Green recalls. "She was like, 'Oh, that's great. Do you want some macaroni and cheese?'"

It's not that the singer's parents aren't supportive. "They just don't get it," Green adds with a laugh. "My dad was like, 'I thought you signed a record deal last week.' I was like, 'No, that was a publishing deal.' He's like, 'What's the difference?'

"I'm like, 'You know what, it was a record deal. I signed two of 'em,'" Green continues, laughing and throwing up his hands.

The things that do impress his parents, Green points out, reflect his hometown of Jacksonville, Ala. "My mom and dad came up, and they were staying at my house. My mom asked me this morning if I had that copy of the article that the Anniston Star did on me. Which is the biggest newspaper that my mom can fathom," he explains. "Does it matter that they did an article on me in Rolling Stone? ... Eh, yeah, but growing up in a small town in east Alabama -- me being grand marshal in the Christmas parade in Jacksonville was probably the biggest thing I'd ever done. Probably between that and the Grand Ole Opry."

All the accolades, awards and industry recognition Nashville offers don't impress Green's family, and he wouldn't have it any other way. "When I go home, I'm just Riley. You know what I mean?" he says.

"Last week, my family took their yearly vacation down to the beach. My grandmother and nieces and nephews were all down there, and that was really all I needed," Green adds. "[I] spent a few days, and it's not music talk. I don't have to fill anybody in on what's going on ... It keeps you pretty grounded when you get around folks like that, which is another reason why I wanna spend so much time with them."

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