Reckless Kelly is an unlikely Texas Music band as they are originally from Oregon. Started by brothers Cody & Willie Braun they eventually relocated to Austin in 1997. Fast forward a few years and the group has made their name a staple on the charts and have even been nominated for a Grammy award.

Soon after moving to Austin the group played local venues on Sixth Street and were drawing regular crowds. They released their debut album Millican in 1998, followed by two other albums just 2 years later. There next album was released in 2003 and they have released new music about every two years since.

They have built a major and loyal following that continues to grow.  The group not only has a huge fan base but they've also impressed the critics as well. In 2011 with the release of their album Good Luck & True Love they received a Grammy nomination.

The band also gives back with charity events like their annual Celebrity Softball Jam. The event helps raise money to support the renovation project for East Austin’s Mabson Field that serves kids ages 4-12. This year marks their 7th annual event. They have raised $160,000 over the last 6 years towards the $300,000 renovation project. The celebrity tournament is followed by post game concerts on two stages.

Now here is a little trivia for you. There is another band that has a close relationship with Reckless Kelly and that is Micky and the Motorcars. Lead singers Micky and Gary Braun are the younger brothers of Cody & Willy. These brothers are cornering the market on music in Texas and we're ok with that.

You will be able to catch Reckless Kelly in concert at the Silo coming up February 21st. Find all the details here.

Check Out Reckless Kelly's 'Pennsylvania Avenue'

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