It's been eight years since the release of 'Hell Bent & Country Bound: Off The Record', and brought together some of the best in the Texas music scene. Artists whose stars were just beginning their ascent in the the scene made their way onto the 2004 compilation, including Kevin Fowler, Jason Boland, Cory Morrow and Cross Canadian Ragweed were just hitting the accelerator on their careers. Legends like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Tommy Alverson and Gary P. Nunn gave the original 'Hell Bent' great depth.

Now, 'Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II' is on its way, and it, too, is loaded with Texas talent.

The new 'Hell Bent', available September 4 from Smith Music Group, features fourteen songs from artists who have topped the Texas music charts over the past several years. Cory Morrow (Nashville Blues) and the Randy Rogers Band (I Miss You With Me) return for the second go around. Also appearing on 'Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II' are Whiskey Myers, Wade Bowen, Bart Crow and Brandon Jenkins.

This CD is great for someone who is just getting into the Texas music scene. Call it a starting point for a young music fan or a Texas transplant who might not have exposure to the rich Lone Star State music scene. But any Texas/Red Dirt music fan will love to add this to their collection. I can actually visualize hardcore fans getting signatures from all of the artists featured on the CD and framing it as a crown jewel of their music memorabilia.

What I will do is, like with the first 'Hell Bent & Country Bound' CD, look back at it years later and see where each of the artists are in their music careers today. If the success of the first batch is any indication, artists like Whiskey Myers, Charlie Shafter and Jason Cassidy have to be thrilled with what is ahead for them over the next eight years.

Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II CD
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Whatever you do with your copy of 'Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II', you're sure to get enjoyment out of it. This CD is loaded with talent and great music.

Here's a look at the 'Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II' Track List

1. Wear My Ring - Bart Crow
2. Feet Don't Touch The Ground - Brandon Jenkins
3. Not My Girl - Charlie Shafter
4. Nashville Blues - Cory Morrow
5. Back on the Bottle - Jackson Taylor
6. Guts - Micky & The Motorcars
7. The Toast - No Justice
8. I Miss You With Me - Randy Rogers Band
9. Summer 2005 - Whiskey Myers
10. $50 and a Flask of Crown - Matt Powell
11. Downtown - Stoney LaRue
12. Keep Hangin' On - Wade Bowen
13. Don't Look - Kyle Park
14. What Do You Have for a Heartache - Jason Cassidy

From the television show 'Texas Music Scene', Here's 'Don't Look' by Kyle Park, one of the songs featured on 'Hell Bent & Country Bound Volume II'

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