I may not be the biggest Star Wars fan around but I still think R2D2 is the cutest character, or droid around. I also know that there are some fans, or should I say, fanatics out there that will love the accessory I found. It's an R2D2 ring.

This would make a great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life or maybe even an engagement ring? Yes, engagement ring. This ring was specifically designed for just such an occasion. It seems that the ring was commissioned by Joe Pagani, of New Jersey, to surprise his girlfriend. The ring was designed by Paul Bierker of Paul Michael Designs. Check his website, he does some amazing work, including more from Star Wars.

Tattoo artist Joe Pagani wanted to ask girlfriend Emily to marry him but he needed the right ring. Being self proclaimed 'geeks' he wanted something extraordinary, so he teamed with Paul and this is the design that resulted. Now they are offered on the Custom Made website for purchase by anyone.

Not only did they design the engagement rings but the wedding rings as well. You can get these for yourself too. The engagement ring runs between $1,250 - $2,950 and the wedding bands are $1,550 - $3,700.

Here is the actual proposal that Joe made to Emily.

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