While on routine patrol police officers in Independence Missouri had received calls of a giant alligator running loose. When officers arrived the giant alligator laid motionless in the tall grasses on the bank of a local pond. That's when police sharp shooters were called in to shoot the bullet proof gator.

It turns out that the ferocious man eating creature is a 12 foot concrete ornamental alligator that belongs to Rick Sheridan. Sheridan says he bought the alligator and placed it on the banks of his pond as a deterrent to keep kids off of his property. The Police Chief apologized for the mishap and advised Sheridan to use "No Trespassing" signs instead.

A statement released by the Independence Police Department said a caller reported that he and  his children had seen a large alligator near the creek bank. Police contacted the Missouri Conservation Department, who advised them that,  "if the officer did locate the alligator, to go ahead and put it down."  Two shots were fired at the concrete mass the first round found it's mark between the eyes, while the second shot ricocheted. No one was hurt except the SWAT team sharp shooters feelings and the concrete alligator had an inch chunk of concrete missing.