Ok ladies it's time to join the royalty, fashion wise. Everyone followed what Princess Diana wore, she was a fashion icon. Then of course it was Kate's turn in the spot light. Now it's her younger sister Pippa making the fashion headlines. Wanna follow? See what accessory you will need to do so.

Pippa made headlines first when she stepped out at her sisters wedding in a form fitting white dress. Since then she's been in the headlines as the most eligible bachelorette in the UK. Now she's making fashion headlines.

She apparently has a "go-to" handbag that she carries everywhere, dressed up or dressed down. It's a brown leather tote with zippers on the front. Very simple, very practical. It's actually named after her, called the Pippa. There is a website for it and can be purchased in a variety of colors for a mere $265.

Critics like to make a big deal about the sisters "recycling" their clothes. I like it, I recycle mine every week! I carry the same purse months on end and wear the same shoes all the time. They want the royals/royal-in-laws to be normal, common, just like us then they bash them for it. Seems this handbag though is getting lots of exposure and maybe even on a positive note this time.


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