Just when you thought comedian Patton Oswalt's viral hit rant from 'Parks and Recreation' couldn't get any better, along comes an animated version of quite possibly the greatest movie pitch of all time.

Last month, the comic made a hysterical appearance on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' in which he played an angry local citizen holding up a town meeting. In the ultimate filibuster, Oswalt's character went on an eight-minute, improvised diatribe about what the plot of the next 'Star Wars' movie should be. The bit set the World Wide Web ablaze. Now, one intrepid fan has taken it a step further by staging the whole thing in animation.

With word of J.J. Abrams taking on the newest 'Star Wars' franchise, it seems inevitable that fans have their own ideas of what the plot should be. However, it looks as if Oswalt might have them all beat.

Check out his original 'Star Wars' rant below.

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