Old Dominion may not exchange Christmas gifts as a band -- "We give ourselves the gift of being away from each other," guitarist Brad Tursi jokes -- but the country group still gets into the holiday spirit when they're out on the road during the winter months.

"Once it starts to get into December, we decorate the bus," Old Dominion frontman Matthew Ramsey explained to The Boot and other media during a press event in 2018. "We usually get the yule log; you can go on Netflix and put a yule log on the TV! We get eggnog and whiskey, and we always make it very warm and cozy and hang out for about a month on the bus in the Christmas spirit. No gifts, though."

Christmas for Old Dominion comes as a welcome chance to relax and enjoy quality time with their families. For Tursi, however, one childhood Christmas memory still stands out: the worst present he ever received.

"My parents thought it would be funny to put coal in my stocking," Tursi recalls. "I took it out of my stocking, and they were like, 'Oh, you must not have been a very good kid this year.' I was like, 'Aaaaahh!'" 

However, he quickly adds, the trauma didn't last long. "In the other room, they had a pair of skis and a bunch of presents and stuff," the artist goes on to say. "So I think that was a joke gone horribly wrong. But I do remember I got a pair of skis that year."

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