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Did you know that chips and salsa are the official state snack of Texas? It was proclaimed as the Texas state snack on June 22, 2003, according to State Symbols USA. If you have a hankering for the Lone Star State's favorite snack, there are a lot of places to find them in and around Abilene.

Chips and Salsa or is it Chips and Hot Sauce? While the Texas State legislators labeled them "Tortilla Chips and Salsa" what we call them may depend on your age and/or what part of Texas you are from. I called them "Chips and Hot Sauce."

Nonetheless, it's the same dish that is deeply rooted in Texas tradition and enjoyed by millions across America. Chips and salsa are perfect for any occasion, and below you'll find some great places to enjoy the official snack food of Texas. As a matter of fact, Miguels offers several types of salsas, while other restaurants offer a mild sauce and a hotter sauce.

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In closing, to calm the argument of whether to call them "chips and salsa" or "chips and hot sauce" the owners of most of the restaurants said they refer to the snack as "chips and hot sauce." There were only two standouts referring to the popular Texas snack as "chips and salsa" they are the owner of one and the manager of a different restaurant.

If you want to relax and enjoy the official snack of Texas, know that Abilene has an awesome variety of the best-tasting chips and salsa. Sit back and enjoy a frosty beverage and some crispy tortilla chips.

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