A lot of folks love to go get a bagel or muffin and a delicious cup of coffee at their local Starbucks. They might take their laptop and set up shop there for a while and do some work. One Starbucks district manager has decided that's not going to happen in his stores.

A financial analyst and web designer claims a district manager kicked him out of the coffee shop for over staying his welcome. The patron initially ordered a bagel and coffee but then set up his laptop at a table and stayed another 2 1/2 hours. The manager did ask him what brought him to the store and he replied "work". The manager told him he needed to order something else or leave the store because the tables were for patrons who are enjoying their coffees.

I have to say I agree with this manager. If you want to take up space in their establishment then you best be spending some money for your stay. I can see maybe hanging out for 30 minutes or so, finish your drink and snack and then move on. If you have that much work to do go home or back to your office or maybe a library. This is a business, first and for most, and they have every right to ask you to leave within a reasonable amount of time. You can't just park yourself all day and use their electricity and take up space that other patrons could use.

It's not a hard and fast rule at Starbucks but remember to be reasonable and logical when taking your laptop into their establishments or you might be asked politely to leave!

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