The life and death of Nicole Brown Simpson has been the subject of documentaries, mini-series, TV movies, and countless hours of cable television. But I’m pretty sure The Haunting of Nicole Brown Simpson, a project that is being offered up for worldwide distribution this week at the Cannes Film Festival, is the first supernatural horror film. Yes, that’s right: A Nicole Brown Simpson movie where she is haunted by ghosts (starring Mena Suvari as the title character).

Bloody Disgusting has a detailed, and truly horrifying (though perhaps not in the way intended) plot synopsis:

Shortly after ending her marriage to famed football star OJ Simpson, Nicole (Mena Suvari) sought refuge in the company of her inner circle. When her intimate relationship with interior designer Faye Resnick soured, Nicole crossed paths with an enigmatic handyman named Glen Rogers. Moving from one clandestine relationship to another, Nicole began a brief but torrid affair with Glen before quickly discovering his darker side. After Nicole witnesses Glen carrying on a bizarre conversation with an unseen entity named “Charlie,” he attacks her and flees into the night. After Glen’s sudden disappearance, Nicole’s life goes into a tailspin. She begins hearing and seeing things that aren’t there. A dark apparition haunts her at every turn. Alone in her house one night, she is brutally attacked by a violent unseen force.”

In other words O.J. Simpson didn’t do it, a ghost did it. (At least that would explain why O.J. was never able to find “the real killer.”) In fact, Glen Rogers was a real person and a serial killer, and he has come up occasionally as a potential suspect in the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. Obviously, though, he was never charged.

The Haunting of Nicole Brown Simpson is actually the second such project from producers Voltage Pictures. They’ve already shot The Haunting of Sharon Tate, based on the famous actress, starring Hilary Duff, though that project has yet to make its way to theaters or television. I guess on an abstract level this is an interesting concept for a series of films, but it’s a bit too tacky for my tastes. The events chronicled in O.J.: Made in America are terrifying enough. A woman was horrifically murdered. That requires no embellishment.

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