Seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Nicolas Cage's son, Weston, went on a tirade in a restaurant and was sent away on a gurney, in restraints to a hospital for mental evaluation.Looks like Weston may have learned some behavior from famous dad Nicolas Cage.  Not long ago

Nicolas was arrested for domestic abuse, public drunkenness and disturbing the peace in New Orleans.  His son Weston was in a Hollywood restaurant yesterday afternoon with his trainer when his trainer told him he couldn't have something on the menu.  Weston then went off on the trainer and tried fighting him, the police had to be called where they eventually calmed him, placed him in restraints put him on a gurney and sent him away in an ambulance to a hospital for psych evaluation.

It seemed to witnesses that Weston was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but that has yet to be determined.  Sources say Weston, earlier that morning, had also been in a huge argument with his wife in which she finally walked out of the house and left.

It seems that temper flares, drug and alcohol abuse and in some cases "domestic" abuse run in this family.  I hope, once evaluations have been completed, that Weston can get the help he needs.  Whether it's with anger issues or worse, drug and alcohol problems.  I hope the decides to take a different route than his father.